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Submit Your Dog Shame!

Hello and welcome to!

Here are the posting rules before we allow you publicly humiliate your pooch and teach them why their kind will never rule the earth.

Tell the story from the first-person point of view of the dog. (ie. the dog is the one writing about something shameful.)

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST include paper ‘note’ in the photo. (This note must be hand-written or printed on something in the actual photo.)

No captions just printed over a cute photo.
No links
No drama. Just love your dog please.
No dead animals, punishment, abuse, poor training or crass junk.
Please type out what the sign says in the submission.

Accepted submissions will be posted to as well as our Facebook page: and Pinterest page: and other sites.

Have questions? Just ask.

Type ‘Note’ and ‘Comments’ below.
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